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Art and culture are interrelated in the society. No society has ever existed without the creative activity of the people of that time. There has been an allure of creativity in the society of all times. From cave drawings and stone carvings of prehistoric time to Greco-Roman culture and from Renaissance to modernism and post modernism, artists in the society have always been inspired to create artistic works of their distinct identity.  Thus in every society, on the one hand artists derive inspiration from the society on the other hand the society is benefitted by possessing the invaluable cultural treasure’s which the artists of that time create. For future generations such creations work as mirror which reflect the life style and culture of that time .It implies that the role of art and artists in a society is of great importance. Artists in the society may work individually or they may also be organized by forming an institution.    

After Nepal Association of Fine Arts (NAFA) Kathamandu  was merged in Royal Nepal Academy in 2036, naturally its Koshi Zonal branch working in Biratnagar ceased to operate . And consequently there was a huge gap in institutional side. So the artists of Biratnagar   realizing the urgent need to work jointly for successful and cooperative development through a common  platform, proceeded further hand in hand to establish an art organization of Eastern Level in Biratnagar . Thus Lalit Kala Sangam saw the light of the day in 2037. 


Art activities in Biratnagar dates back to 2004 B.S when Durga Lal Chitrakar started to create religious and imaginative Painting and Portrait Paintings. Later on many solo and group exhibitions of paintings of local and outside artists were held in Biratnagar . Individual attempt to work in the field of fine arts was   coming to the forefront . But this was not enough .NAFA Koshi zonal Branch had ceased to operate in 2036 .So  to fill the gap thus created ,a new independent eastern level art organization was  envisaged within artists circle . Thus Lalit Kala Sangam was originated  in 2037 B.S. But owing to some unseen reasons of the time Lalit Kala Sangam Could get its formal registration in 2043 B.S only . With the establishment of Lalit Kala Sangam a common platform for the artists to come and work together has been possible . Till now Lalit Kala Sangam has embraced the field of Painting and Sculpture only .


The organization has been established to fill the institutional gap in the field of fine arts in this region, and it has envisaged to achieve certain objectives as mentioned below .

a)   Lalit Kala Sangam aims to work for the promotion, development and welfare of art and artists.

b)  It aims to provide assistance for the developments artists and preservation of the arts and art objects.

c)  It aspires to enhance social consciousness towards fine arts by its different programs.      

d)  To achieve the aforesaid objectives LKS may from time to time follow the proper means, programs and tools available before it.


a)   Lalit Kala Sangam has envisaged to achieve it objectives by pursuing certain plan of action 

b)  Lalit Kala Sangam will organize solo and group    exhibitions from time to time . Such exhibitions may be of local , regional and national level.

c)  To help develop the efficiency and exchange ideas workshops of local , regional and national level will be organized

d)  To develop the efficiency and  creativity of children ,exhibitions, workshops and art competitions shall be organized .

e)  The institution will help the artists to take part in national art exhibitions .

f)  LKS will attempt to publish art literature and arrange art seminars as far as possible.

g)  It aspires to set up its own art gallery and arrange for art village. To achieve this goal LKS will endeavor to achieve its own land

h)  Art tour and art picnic with landscape, programs shall be organized .  

i)  Besides the above targeted action plan additional program of action may be added from time to time as the situation will favor and demand.



As Lalit Kala Sangam has been established to achieve certain objectives ,it has tried its best to achieve maximum goal set by its action plan in the field of  fine arts    

a) First of all when LKS was established in 2037 B.S then there was   unavailability of art materials .It  imported art materials from Calcutta and sold to its members. This made artists easier to continue their creativity .

b)  Regular quarterly art workshops amidst its members had been arranged for a long time .

c)  In addition to its regular annual group art show, it has  organized group art exhibitions  at other occasions as well .

d)  It had assisted to run after school art training program for some time .

e)  Besides on other occasions, two huge children’s on the spot art competitions and exhibitions were organized in 2059 and 2060 .

f)  Its members have participated many times in National exhibitions.

g)  It could publish art magazine “Kala Sangam” in 2038 and 2045 .

h)  It had jointly worked with Rotary Club of Biratnagar in opening Rotary Art Gallery in 2044 B.S . Although it had a very short life .

i)  A huge national Level Art workshop was organized jointly by LKS and Rotary Club of Biratnagar mid Town in 2058 B.S.

j)  Two province number 1 Level grand and successful art workshops and exhibitions were organized in 2075 B.S. and 2076 B.S.

k) Outdoor landscape programs were also organized in past .

    Thus LKS has achieved much more in the targeted field  .


The aforesaid achievement clearly averts that the organization has reached to a remarkable achievements in its field. In spite of the meagre of funds collected amidst its members, it has been successful in achieving its goal to a great extent. In recent times donors" cooperation’s have encouraged the institution to perform its more ambitious goals in times to come. Enthusiastic cooperation of the donors indicate that Lalit Kala Sangam has been successful in achieving its one of the main objectives to enhance social consciousness towards fine arts. Despite its satisfactory achievement it feels a major problem of having its own art gallery to display art works has still been unsolved. The institution hopes that if donors extend helping hands one day LKS will have its own art gallery and art village where artists can assemble, work and live together.

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