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Art and culture are interrelated in the society . No society has ever existed without the creative activity of the people of that time . There has been an allure of creativity in the society of all times . From cave drawings and stone carvings of prehistoric time to Greco-Roman culture and from Renaissance to modernism and post modernism, artists in the society have always been inspired to create artistic works of their distinct identity.  Thus in every society, on the one hand artists derive inspiration from the society on the other hand the society is benefitted by possessing the invaluable cultural teasures which the artists of that time create. For future generations such creations work as mirror which reflect the life style and culture of that time .It  implies that the role of art and artists in a society is of great importance . Artists in the society may work individually or they may also be organized by forming an institution.    
After Nepal Association of Fine Arts (NAFA) Kathamandu  was merged in Royal Nepal Academy in 2036, naturally its Koshi Zonal branch working in Biratnagar ceased to operate . And consequently there was a huge gap in institutional side .
So the artists of Biratnagar   realizing the urgent need to work jointly for successful and cooperative development through a common  plateform, proceeded further hand in hand to establish an art organization of Eastern Level in Biratnagar . Thus Lalit Kala Sangam saw the light of the day in 2037. 

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