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    S.C Suman (b.1961) is a self taught artist who watched his grandmother make ritual paintings in the Mithila tradition. He is a textile designer by profession and a celebrated radio host in Biratnagar. Suman is  a Former Council Member and Head of Department of Folk Arts Department,  Nepal  Academy of Fine Arts .  Actively working in different organization for development of art and artists for more than 30 years . Co-curator,  Nepal, 2nd Karnphuli Folk Art Triennial 2018, Bangladesh. He has served as a "chief Judge" during different art competitions,  organized national and international level  Art workshops in Nepal in 2002 to 2018. Participated in the 1st Kathmandu International Art Festival, Kathmandu Triennale , SAARC Artist Camp and Exhibition of Painting-2017. The Meritime Silk Road International Art Festival, Quanzhou China-2012, Nepal Art Fair Bangladesh-2018, 7"th Beijing International art Biennale-2017.  National  Art exhibition, " Below the Clouds" Exhibition of  Nepalese  Arts at  Coombo  Gallery UK,   16th solo Exhibition and more than  30"th group exhibition both in Nepal and abroad. He has participated in more than 5o art camps at National and International. He has been  honoured  with  several prestigious awards including National talent,  to his credit.  Also been the speaker in several national-level talks and lectures. Researching on Mithila,  Awadhi , Tharu , Santhal , Dhima, Regional and Folk Art , culture which  facilated  by  Chetna Sanrakchan pratisthan  and Nepal Academy of Fine Arts.

S.C. Suman

Former  Council   Member

Nepal  Academy of Fine Arts

Kathmandu, Nepal .

+977 9842023461

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Artist S.C. Suman

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