Art is to take out your heart and let other describe its flavor, it evokes the feelings with different emotions of a creator. In fact these feelings carved out of skills isn't bound to anything celebrating freedom of expression rather the compulsion of livelihood has been harsh on the artist and they are knelled before the taste of customers and art lovers. Time to  time art has to act as guidance and vision so the community has to attain positive changes. After all artist has such a enlighted sight being an uncommon who can or have abilities to lead the society goals. Mostly artist are sensitive and introvert but they should come out and speak boldly and interpret their works with the world.

Eventually the parallel art world has reached par- postmodernism yet we are digging the archives of realism. This scenario is due to the lack of art writing, criticism and outdated functionality. The best part to celebrate is we have our own tribal and traditional arts to rejoice and thankfully most of the maestros are working on it.


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