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Kunti Shree (b. 1990) is a freelance visual artist.

Kunti deals with the various mediums such as Painting, Installation and Performance. Kunti completed her BFA from Lalitkala Campus, Tribhuvan University (2012), MFA from Central Department of Fine Arts, Tribhuvan University (2016). Kunti has participated in various art exhibitions including “Nepali art in lockdown’’ organized by e-arts 2020, Himalayan art festivals” organized by E-Arts Nepal and Kastamandap group, Art council(2018,2019), “Amalgam” organized by Siddhartha Art Gallery(2019), “Equality and Freedom” organized by American embassy(2019), “international women day” organized by LA Gallery,baudha, “Buddha’s Philosophy in South Asia” Organized by Sanskar Bharati, Organized and Supported by Lalitkala Akademi, New Delhi, in Kopagunj, Mau (2018), CO Creative Connections 5 Curated by Filipe Garcia, Taragaon Museum, Kathmandu (2018) ,“You Are the Author of Your Own Story”, in the function of Parental Day, Mahottari, Nepal Organized by Seto Gurans National Child Services, Nepal (2017) “Women Group Painting and Sculpture Exhibition”, Newa Chen Art Gallery, Lalitpur (2017)

Currently Kunti works and lives in Kathmandu, Nepal

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