My name is Madhavi Karn. I was born on 15th of May, 1970A.D. My interest in arts, especially Mithila Paintings, developed when I was still in high school. My father was a professor. In the era, when our society didn’t believe in educating girls, he allowed me for further studies. I decided to take Arts for further studies and got a Master’s degree in it in the year 1992 A.D. After a year I took course of Mithila Painting for one year in a place named Madhubani, India. I also attended training programme organized by Fabric Painting Training Center and The Reyukai Nepal. In the following years I participated in various programme related to Mithila painting organized by different organizations like Sri Chitragupta Samajh Kalyan Parisadh, International Maithili Council, Maithili Sahitya Parishad etc.

A year later I was married. After this I got too much involved in household works and taking care of my child. In the place where I lived, there were no opportunities so I didn’t work as a professional artist but kept on making painting at home. So, I got no professional achievement for long time but deep inside I had a feeling that someday I will get an opportunity so I never stopped participating in art exhibition programme. Finally, after eighteen long years a programme related to Mithila arts was held in Biratnagar, the city where I live. There I met a veteran professional artist named SC Suman Sir. He noticed my artworks, observed them and saw talent of art in me.

I was given many opportunities after that.

My husband and son are very supportive to me. They are ready to help if I have any kind of problem. It was only because their effort, it became possible for me to establish an institute named ‘Nepal Mithila Art and Crafts’ where I teach Mithila arts to willing students. Two years after that I was awarded a regional award for my artworks by Nepal Academy of Fine Arts. I still keep participating in various art exhibition and workshops.

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