Biography of Artist Saroja Khadgi


Mrs. Saroja  Khadgi,  Resident  of Pathari-Sanischare-1, Morang, Nepal ( 11th September 1971 AD)  is a prominent  figure in the field of fine arts (especially in painting and handicrafts). She has participated in many exhibitions, solo and group both ; and attended several workshops, national and international both. She has been awarded with 9 national and regional prizes and honoured by more than 2 dozen organizations. She has been managing and art school and conducting ceramic trainings and workshops as well. More ever, she has been appointed as Assembly Member of  Nepal Academy of  Fine Arts.                                                                                                                                                        

(by  Udhav thapa)


Media used by artist

-Maximum involved in contemporary painting (semi-abstract   forms) 

-Sometimes involved in handicrafts in mixed media including ceramics.


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