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    Born and raised in Kathmandu, I am a student of painting (2nd year of bachelors degree, batch 2018 A.D) in Lalitkala Campus. Inspired by my father from a very young age, I started playing with lines and colors with the available materials. Being surrounded by paintings ever since I was born, I had a very deep connection and love for art. Later choosing to follow and explore the path of art for myself I studied Fine Arts in +2, aquiring board 1st position (batch-2075 B.S). I also took a 3 month’s Paubha Art lesson from Senior Artist Lok Chitrakar. I have participated in various art exhibitions and workshops, and also volunteered in different art events. Participating in numerous art contests, I also have received prizes for various titles. I have done public murals twice in a group (one with “The Heritage Walk”- 2018 A.D). Aside from being an art student, I’m also practicing to become a freelancing visual artist. Currently, keeping myself open to all kind of opportunities is my ultimate goal in order to deepen my knowledge of art and understand myself better as an artist. I aspire to work in purer form of expressions, not limiting myself to traditional rules and evaluating the genres independently. 

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