Curriculum Vitae of Artist Ganesh Rai

Curriculum Vitae 

Name  :                                   Ganesh Kumar Rai

Artistic Name :                      Ganesh Rai

Father’s Name:                      Indra Bahadur Rai

Mother’Name:                        Manrani  Rai

Date of Birth & Place:           19-08-1986 AD (2043-05-03 BS) Tandi-5, Morang

Sex:                                         Male

Marital Status:                       Married

Nationality:                            Nepali

Religion:                                 Hindu

Permanent Address:             Miklajung -4, Morang Nepal

Current Address:                   Miklajung -4, Morang Nepal

Mobile no.:


Language:                              Nepali, Hindi, English

Academic Qualification: School Level Certificate (SLC)

Participations: Participated in several sculpture exhibitions and Workshops.

Works: - Carving the largest Buddha sculpture in 21 century on the rocky cliff of Japan as a sculptor.

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