Curriculum Vitae of artist Kunti Shree Thapa

Curriculum Vitae

Kunti Shree Thapa

Freelance Visual Artist

Contact: 9849167577,


2014-2016 MFA (painting), Central Department of Fine Art, TU

2010-2013 BFA (Painting), Lalitkala Campus, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal

2007- 2009 Intermediate in Fine Arts (Painting), Lalitkala Campus, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu


2013-2014 Rosebud, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu Nepal 

2015 Pathashala, Bagdole Lalitpur 

2016 labratory school, balkhu, lalitpur 

2019 lalit kala campus, bhatahiti , kathmandu


2011-2013 Image Illustrator, Curriculum Development Centre (CDC), Sano Thimi Bhaktapur 

2014 Image Illustrator, Innovative Forum for Community Development, Kathmandu, Nepal


2020 “Art in lock down” E- Arts Nepal 

2020 “Infinite Thoughts”International Womens Day,art council 

2019 “Kathmandu International Performance Art, Taragoan, Baudha 

2019 “Himalayan art festival” Nepal art council 

2019 “Amalgam” Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu 

2019 “A Space for freedom and Equality” Organized by US Embassy, Kathmandu 

2019 “National Exhibitin”NAFA, Nepal art council, kathmandu 

2018 “Internationals women festivals” LA Gallery, Kathmandu 

2018 “Himalayan art festivals” Nepal art council, Kathmandu 

2018 “Buddha’s Philosophy in South Asia” Organized by Sanskar Bharati, Co Organized and Supported by Lalitkala Akademi, New Delhi, in Kopagunj, Mau 

2018 CO Creative Connections 5 (worked as an artist and co organizer) Curated by Filipe Garcia, Taragaon Museum, Kathmandu

2017 “You Are the Author of Your Own Story”, in the function of Parental Day, Mahottari, Nepal Organized by Seto Gurans National Child Services, Nepal

2017 “Women Group Painting and Sculpture Exhibition”, Newa Chen Art Gallery, Lalitpur

2013/14/16/17 National art exhibition Organized by National Association of Fine Arts, NAFA, Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu

2016 Saayino ´Being Together’ Classic Art Gallery

2016 Alfresco open art exhibition, Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu

2016 Visible and Invisible Patan, Bikalpa Art Center, Lalitpur

2016 Trans Culture Camp and exhibition, Bikalpa Art Center, Lalitpur

2016 Sayeeno ‘Being Together’, Classic Art Gallery, Lalitpur

2014 1st international Performance Art Festival, Kathmandu

2013 Scholarships for Design, Organized by Everest Gloom

2013 Contemporary Carpet Design (1st prize), organized by Everest Gloom Coordinate, Kathmandu Nepal

2012 BFA Group Show (print making), Newa Chen Art Gallery, Lalitpur

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