Curriculum Vitae of artist Manjul Miteri

Curriculum Vitae

Manjul Miteri

(Manjul Baraili)


Name: Manjul Baraili

Artist Name: Manjul Miteri

Father : Indra Bahadur Biswakarma

Mother: Sarita Biswakarma

Date of Birth and place: 2036/10/28 B.S. (11 Feb 1980) Miklajong –04, Morang

Sex: Male

Marital Status: Married

Nationality: Nepali

Permanent Address: Urlabari – 06, Morang

Current Address: Kumamoto, Japan

Mobile No: +81 9030140532


Academic Qualification: Bachelor in Art (TU)

Participations: Participated in several sculpture exhibitions and symposiums.

Awards: National Youth Talent Award 2072 by Nepal Government and more than 100 other Awards.

Some Works:

 - Carving 1000 statues of world famous personalities for Gift to Nation.

- Carving the largest Buddha sculpture in 21 century on the rocky cliff of Japan as the leading sculptor.

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