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    Art is a means of self expression , such expression overts through human activity.   Man alone or living together with others in a society has never been satisfied without  expressing what his inner soul urged him to express.  Observed from this point of view  drawing, painting,  sculpture, music, dance, literature, performance art, theatre, cinema, and architecture all these comprise different  sorts  of medium available for human expression at present. Such expression requires skill .Of all these medium  art of drawing ,painting ,sculpture and architecture have been  marked as the long lasting.  From cave drawings of prehistoric time  people have adopted  this form of art as their means of expression . Such expressions find their release adopting the inspiration  from, social ,cultural, and religious values of the society . Thus it is undoubtedly clear that art is the mirror of the society .  The prosperous state of the art of any nation at any time reflects  the socio cultural and religious values and civilization  of that country. Greek art, Roman art, Renaissance art , modern art and post modernism in art reflect the  arts of high cultural values of Greece, Rome, Italy, France, and USA respectively .   In a work of art we find   the  inner personality of its creater,the artist. Naturally as mentioned above  the art reflects where it was created. Under postmodernism  in some cases a painter or a sculptor even derelicts his traditional  tools like brush, canvas, plaster etc. He presents arts with novel presentations using in many cases people , places or things. So the tools and the nature of  arts seems to be altered but the inner urge to express  the  feeling of the artist has not been  lessened .  It has been so because the western art has always been dynamic. Always adopting something new. It will be clear if we look at the art from renaissance to present so many art movements  has come forward. Talking about the art of our country our traditional arts are very rich in their cultural value and identity. As to the contemporary art of Nepal we may call them  Nepali modern art,  because they have adopted elements from western art. But still they have maintained distinct Nepali identity.

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