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A brief History of Art and Paintings

The history about art reckons from the Stone Age. It shows Stone Age helped evolve the art. The cave painting brought the idea about art. The wall of the cave also shows the art and also the presence of human civilization. Art grew up from the cave paintings, where the images of animals, human beings, hunting images can be seen on the walls of caves from the Stone Age. So, till date many isms and new theories have been developed coming through the development of art from the Stone Age.

Art is the medium to express the things as seen in the walls of the cave paintings. Walls were decorated with the hunting scenes and presence of human civilization. Art has helped to express feelings, emotions, fears, angers with the help of ‘Ras’ in the paintings. ‘Ras’ is the nine forms of human forms where anger, anxiety, sadness, happiness etc are included. It’s a free medium or way to express thoughts, feeling with the combination of free medium.

Art is not basically confined on the papers but it has been an open medium for an artist to choose any medium to express or capture the things. Medium and surface can be accordingly chosen with the need of the work. It has no barrier to express or capture the things. Even stone, canvas, paper, camera or any surface can be the medium to express or capture thoughts, feelings etc.

Watercolor, oil color, acrylic, pencil color, charcoal, crayon, bamboo stick with ink etc are the medium to do paintings. The surface or place to do can be anything to do paintings.

Thus art got birth from the cave paintings and the history’s shows the timely growth of the art till date.

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