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I am Yashoda Kumari Singh( Lamsal ) born at Bajhaang, Nepal . Bajhang is one far western region of Nepal.

I completed my IFA from Lalitkala Campus affiliated to Tribhuwan University.  I was interested in the Arts since my childhood. So, i pursued my study on this faculty .

I got married at the age of 20 and then my my works on the art field stop completely due to the family conditions and my responsibilites . But , now it has been around 2 years i have continued my works on differnt field of arts like painting, sculptures and handicraft works .Now , i have promised myself i will be fully dovoted on this field and do my best to learn more and more .

Since born in a rural area, i was also a victim  of supertitions and old traditions like "Chaupadi " . As i continued my study , i couldnot believe still in the 21st century my people and the society are so much backward. So, now i want to work for my people and community. I would like to bring impact through my artworks and story-telling .

In the past 2 years, i was also able to take part in few local exhibitions which raise my confidence and enthusiasm more . I love mural sculpture very much so i am excited to work on the Women's Empowerment .



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