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Arjun Neupane was born in Damak, Jhapa and currently based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has completed his MA, MFA from TU. He was encouraged to pursue creativity by his Artist Sculptor brother. Drawing & Handwriting was his first interest but under the guidance of his brother he learnt to explore new mediums & techniques. Charcoal, enamel, oil pastel, water color, pen & ink were the most used media in his earlier career with his focusing now on a more abstract contemporary style using acrylic paint. He is inspired by the love of nature, cultural & socio-political issues. He has participated in national and international group exhibitions & workshops. He was also part of 'HURRIYET' International Cartoon Competition 1995 to 2003, Istanbul, Turkiye. He has experience working as Publication Designer, Cartoonist & Illustrator. A lots of book cover, Illustration, Logo, Poster, Steaker & other related art activities done for HMG,NGO,INGO & others. Besides, he is working as Art Officer for Nepal Government. He was elected as Treasurer & President for Free Student Union (FSU) Fine Art College. He was a part of some Artist Society, Social Club, Sports Council, Cultural & Political Organizations. Currently he is associated with Lalitkala Parisad Nepal as Vice President.

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