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    I am Sanjay(Bantawa) Rai as a Visual Artist. I was born in 1974 at Udayapur Distric east of Nepal. I have been suffering by polio when I was three years old. Now I am a physical disabled (wheel chair user).I have been painted since school level. I had draw picture all my maths copy when he was child. I had joined in the Fine art Collage at 1992. I got Master’s degree (MFA)in Painting   in First division at Tribhuwan University in Nepal. I also got Master’s Degree in Sociology at TU.  I have been participated more than 100 group art exhibition National and International level from 1994 till now. I had exhibited four Solo art exhibitions. I had got some prize and Award in different art competition. Like, I got National Youth Award and Cash Prized. A Special creative Artist Award. Special artist Award and Cash Prize etc. I have been visited different country.  I am an art teacher at Fine art collage in Nepal .Now I am Assembly member of Nepal Academy of Fine Arts.

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