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My creative art also stands on this ground of thought and feelings. I feel this very thought is the perennial source of my creative.Thus, in the canvas of stateliness and thoughtful – configuration, I paint the new tune of creation with deep emotional feelings. Whistling the uncountable tunes of life with the layers of colors and different colorful lustres, I feel blissful forgetting my own sufferings while creating the art composition in the canvas. I achieve the figure of creation in the canvas by getting thought the uncountable sides of my life using the different colors in the composition. My creations of art try to search out the innumerable realities of society by composing the reflection of my society and time. I feel like to see the honesty and devotion in the art and also feel like believing wisdom should be felt in the creation

When I composing the figures of horses in the canvas I feel as if I myself is running and flying and in this very reflection, I try to find the figure of my own feelings. In my canvas, the figures of horses as the symbols of Power  that suffer the uncountable sorrow, misery, trouble, obstacle, pain and misfortune in the society, I like to reflect the reflection of thousands of pains and obstacles of innocent women in my creation. Through the figures of horses with neighing and whinnying, I have endeavored to reflect my anger and revolt against the human suffering of our society and the dark sides of human attitude that creates the problems in the society I have tried to present the woman as the symbol of beauty and the horse as power

Following the social norms and values, any event and environment instigate the unconscious fetus lain in the pond of my inner mind. The thousands of artistic emotional thoughts slip against the canvas by such instigation's but the social conscious mind gives pressure to these sentimental thoughts. Conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious states of my mind start dancing surrounding the canvas. When I start to compose the creation sitting before the canvas thousands of my emotional thoughts are moving in my mind. In this way, while my conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious states of mind play the hide and seek game, the new creation gets its birth, my creations are born, In the very surrounding of artistic surface of my soul,


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