Curriculum Vitae of Artist Arjun Neupane

Curriculum Vitae 


Son of  Nava Raj & Narvada Neupane

4th Dec.1975  Born in Damak-11, Jhapa, Nepal.




- Computer Graphic (Photoshop, Freehand, Illustrator, Coreldraw) at Software Solution & Research Center.

- Computer Hardware & Networking at College of Realtime Technology, Thapathali, Kathmandu.

- Computer Hardware & Networking at Kathmandu Institute of Technology, Buddhanagar, Ktm.



1991,92,93,95  : Annual Group Painting Exhibition at Fine Art Campus, Kathmandu.

1994  : Group Art Exhibition at Art Council, Kathmandu.

1995,96,99,001,002  : National Art Exhibition, NAFA, Kathmandu.

1996-2002  : Group Painting Show at Fukuwoka Art Museum, Tosu City, Fukuwoka,                                                    Japan.

1996  : Exhibition of Contemporary Painting & Sculpture at Fine Art Campus, Ktm.

2011   : Group Painting Exhibition org. by Russian Culture Center, Kathmandu.

              2011,012,013,015,016,017 : National Art Exhibition, Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, Kathmandu.

              2012 : Group Painting Exhibition org. by B.P. Koirala Foundation at Park Gallery,                                                  Lalitpur.

2013  : 'Sirjana Yatra' Group Exhibition org. by Nepal Lalitkala Munch at Singh Art                                  Gallery, Lalitpur.

2014  : 'Indreni' Samuhik Kala pradarsani org. by CPN (UML) at Rastriya                                              Sabhagriha, Kathmandu.

2015  : 'Kathmandu to Kashi' Group Painting Exhibition org. by Mehta Art Gallery,                                      Banaras, India.

2018  : 'Kathmandu Art Fair' org. by Nepal Lalitkala Munch & Saskritik Sasthan at

                                       Saskritik Sasthan (Nach Ghar) Jamal, Kathmandu.


1991,1992                    : Art Camp, org. by Goethe Institute, Nepal.

1994                             : 'Old Masters Style of German' Painting Workshop, Fine Art Campus, Ktm.

1994                             : Nationwide Inter college Free Art Competition - as organizer.

1995                             : Poster Competition on World Aids Day, at Ratna park, Ktm. - as organizer.

1995                             : Print Making Workshop, Fine Art Campus, Kathmandu.

1994,95,96                   : Painting & Sculpture Workshop, Fine Art Campus, Kathmandu.

1996                              : 'All India Art Tour' of  BFA final year, Lalitkala Campus, Ktm. - as             organizer.

2001, 011                     : Painting Workshop org. by NAFA.

2004                             : 'Gift of Sight' Workshop, org. by Eye Donation Information Center, Ktm.

1995-2003                    : 'HURRIYET' International Cartoon Competition, Istanbul, Turkiye.

2010                             : 'Janakala Abhiyan' two days Painting Workshop Org. by All Nepal Fine Art                                  Association, Kathmandu.

2010                             : International Painting Workshop org. by B.P. Koirala Foundation at Banaras                                     Hindu University, Banaras, India.

2011                             : 'Bhanuko Samjhana' Painting Workshop org. by Madan Bhandari Smriti                                                    Pratisthan at Tanahun, Nepal.

            2012                              : Lithograph Workshop & Exhibition org. by Nepal Lalitkala Munch at                                                         Nepal   Art Council, Kathmandu.

            2012                             : National Art Workshop org. by Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, Kathmandu.

2013                             : Painting Workshop org. by Lalitkala Manch at Tokha, Kathmandu.

2014                             : 'Peace, Development & Sports' Painting Workshop org. by Nepal Olympic                                     Committee, Lalitpur.

2016                             : 'Painting/Sculpture 2073' Workshop org. by Chibahal Art Institute at                                                    Bajrabarahi, Lalitpur.

2018                            : 'Kathmandu Art Fair' org. by Nepal Lalitkala Munch & Saskritik Sasthan at

                                       Saskritik Sasthan (Nach Ghar) Jamal, Kathmandu - as organizer.

2018                            : 'Sampada Yatra/Chitra Lekha Heritage Walk & Workshop' org. by UN &                                        Kirtipur Municipality on the World Tourism Day.

2018                            : 'Heritage Painting Workshop' org. by UN & Kathmandu Metropolitan on the                                 World Heritage Day at Hanumandhoka to Swoyambhu World                                                             HeritageWalk.



1992-1994                    Treasurer, Free Student Union, Fine Arts College.

1994-1996                    President, Free Student Union, Fine Arts College.

1997                             Founder Member, Nepal Lalitkala Manch.

2003                            Member, Artist society of  Nepal.

2003                            Member, Commercial Artist Association of  Nepal.

2010-2013                    Member, Nepal Lalitkala Manch.

2013-2019                    Vice President, Nepal Lalitkala Manch.

2020                            Vice President, Lalitkala Parisad Nepal.


COLLECTIONS:  Nepal, India, Japan, Ireland, Turkey, Norway & USA.



- Designing Career Since 1992 in Several Magazine in the field of Design & other related art         activities.

- Cartoon publishing Since 1992 in 'Hasyouli-Thatyouli', 'Kamana Gaijatre' & Several Satire    Magazine.

- A lots of Book Cover/Illustration/Logo/Poster/Steaker work done for HMG/NG/INGO/NGO &                   Others.

   1993-1995                 As a Designeer & Volunteer, Youth in Environment Nepal.

   1996-1996                 As a Art Teacher, VDC Bansbari, Sindhupalchok.

   1998-2000                As a Art Teacher, S V Academy, Kathmandu.

   1997-Till now           Working as a Art Officer, Nepal Government.



Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Singh Durbar, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Cell: 9841231408, Mail:

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