As Lalit Kala Sangam has been established to achieve certain objectives ,it has tried its best to achieve maximum goal set by its action plan in the field of  fine arts .

a) First of all when LKS was established in 2037 B.S then there was   unavailability of art materials .It  imported art materials from calcutta and sold to its members. This made artists easier to continue their creativity .

b)  Regular quarterly art workshops amidst its members had been arranged for a long time .

c)  In addition to its regular annual group art show, it has  organized group art exhibitions  at other occasions as well .

d)  It had assisted to run after school art training program for some time .

e)  Besides on other occasions, two huge children’s on the spot art competitions and exhibitions were organized in 2059 and 2060 .

f)  Its members have participated many times in National exhibitions.

g)  It could publish art magazine “Kala Sangam” in 2038 and 2045 .

h)  It had jointly worked with Rotary Club of Biratnagar in opening Rotary Art Gallary in 2044 B.S . Although it had a very short life .

i)  A huge national Level Art workshop was organized jointly by LKS and Rotary Club of Biratnagarmid Town in 2058 B.S.

j)  Two province number 1 Level grand and successful art workshops and exhibitions were organized in 2075 B.S. and 2076 B.S.

k) Outdoor landscape programs were also organized in past .

Thus LKS has achieved much more in the targeted field  .


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