a)  Lalit Kala Sangam has envisaged to achieve its objectives by pursuing certain plan of action 

b)  Lalit Kala Sangam will organize solo and group exhibitions from time to time . Such exhibitions may be of local , regional and national level.

c)  To help develop the efficiency and exchange ideas workshops of local , regional and national level will be organized

d)  To develop the efficiency and  creativity of children ,exhibitions, workshops and art competitions shall be organized .

e)  The institution will help the artists to take part in national art exhibitions .

f)  LKS will attempt to publish art literature and arrange art seminars as far as possible.

g)  It aspires to set up its own art gallery and arrange for art village.To achieve this goal LKS will endeavour to achieve its own land

h)  Art tour and art picnic with landscape, programs shall be organized .  

i)  Besides the above targetted action plan additional program of action may be added from time to time as the situation will favour and demand.


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