Statement of Artist Kundan Prakash Srivastav

Artist Kundan Prakash Srivastav



Art is for of expressing our emotions love care and creative. It reduces our stress and works as a perfect meditation. Our creativity get explored with combination of  all the vibrance that enhances our creativity even more . loving art as a passion is best experience of my life as i get to refresh my mind full of stress and unusual thoughts. Art gave me an identity. It made me known to many people and their way of looking at me was different than that of normal people. Trust me, creativity always gets admired. That is the biggest achievement we get when our work is admired. Thinking about something, our imagination or what we see in a dream, expressing them in a paper is not an easy job. Everyone cannot get that skills, therefore we should respect for the skill's that we have got. It will make us as well as the viewers happy and more involved towards art and creativity. Detailings and perfection are  like cherry on a cake for an artist if he or She is blessed with that quality . Therefore art is a respect to creativity.


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Artist Kundan Prakash Srivastav

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